Single-shaft horizontal mixer ZG1V-2000.

Single-shaft horizontal mixer ZG1V-2000

Advantages of mixers of the new seria ZG1V.

-       Stiffer construction of shaft and blade.

-       An easier way to adjust the blade-to-body clearance.

-       Asymmetric blade shape, allowing to install a more economical drive and reduce energy consumption per ton of feed.

-       The presence of product scrapers from the end walls of the mixer.

-       Improved rotor sealing with gland packing permitted in food industry and supply compressed air into the seal area.

-       Bearing assemblies of the main rotor, bomb bay doors and bomb bay support from SKF.

-       Equipped with temperature sensors for rotor bearing units.

-       Additional two-way pneumatic drive for bomb bay support.

-       Enlarged window in the mixer body for servicing, equipped with a quick-opening door with built-in gas-filled springs and an electromagnetic lock with a safety key.

-       Unloading along the entire length of the mixer through two bomb bay doors.

-       The optimal place for the nozzles for the introduction of liquid components, allowing you to spray the product on the working (not on the back) side of the blades.

-       The ability to load the product along the way of rotation of the rotor does not overload the rotor shaft and gearbox during loading quickly.

-       Purified compressed air preparation unit.

-       Possibility of installing pneumatic hammers on the sash, for shaking from possible sticking of the product (option on request).

-       Mixer control cabinet (optional on request, if the mixer is not supplied as part of a feed production line).

-       The design of the mixing hopper with the possibility of positioning the unloading auger longitudinally and transversely to the mixer rotor axis .