Oil input system BRD type is designed for automatic volumetric dosing of liquid components (sunflower oil, etc.) into the mixer. System is applied as a part of mechanic equipment for animal feed preparation at farms for enrichment of crumbled compound feeds with liquid supplements.

Oil input system is produced in accordance with third category of GOST-15150, climate version “U” for internal market and export to temperate countries. However system has to work reliably in operating regimes at a temperature from 10 (°С) degrees below zero to 40 (°С) degrees above zero, relative moisture 80% with average annual temperature of 15 (°С) degrees above zero, atmospheric pressure from 650 to 800 mm Hg (86,6÷106,7 kPa).


System provides:

  • automatic liquids dosing with measurement of consumption and single doses;
  • liquids dosing accuracy 1-2%;

  • measurement of total liquids consumption;

  • automatic fill of supply tank;

  • automatic control and monitoring of liquid heating temperature in supply tank;

  • monitoring of liquid level in the supply tank.

  Parameter title Value
1 Pump capacity, l/min.
2 Pump drive: rated power, kW
                    speed, rpm
3 Electric heating unit rated power kW (total), max.
4 Storage tank volume, l
5 Dimensions, mm
1360 х 880 х 950

Structure and Functioning

Oil input system (fig.1) consists of frame 1, where storage tank 2 with control box 3, pump 5 and drive 4 are installed. Storage tank is equipped with pipeline with dosing unit 7, liquid level and temperature sensors 8, nozzles and taps for filling up 9 and discharge 6, air release valve 11, electric heating units 10.

Product is supplied from supply tank through input pipeline to storage tank where it is heat to predetermined temperature, and then supplied to the mixer by pump. Electric motor provides predetermined pump rotor speed through ring joint. Level sensor prevents drop in liquid level below heating elements.