Double-circuit drum sifter

Sieve area: internal - 3,76*2=7,52 sq.m., external - 5*3=15 sq.m.

PB2K Double-circuit drum sifter.

Drum-type separators do not generate dynamic loads. Better than flat screen separators to handle with wet and heavily clogged grain. It can perform any operations - primary cleaning, secondary cleaning, sorting and calibration, but are mainly used at the stage of preliminary cleaning of grain before drying. It is equipped with a feeder with a closed or open aspiration of grain at the inlet, as well as gravity aspirators before and/or after the separator.

In this model, a scheme is implemented using two cylindrical sieve drums, which are located in each other and work in parallel. The grain heap first enters the inner drum, from which coarse impurities are removed, the passage of the inner drum enters the outer drum where small impurities are removed by the passage, and refined grain comes out of it.

The two-drum arrangement made it possible, in comparison with single-drum analogs, with a reduction in size by 20%, to increase the area of sieves by 10% to 22 sq.m. At the same time, the mass decreased by 40% to 3300 kg.

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