Micro-ingredients dosing system MDK type is designed for accurate dosing of 8-12 components into the one portion for PMVS and concentrated feedstuff preparation. System allows dosing of portions from 50 to 100 kg. Minimal portion of one component is 1kg while applying frequency inverter for dosing screws electric drive control. Structurally they have in-line or radial bins arrangement, one or two inbuilt weighers.


Quantity of bins, pcs.


Bin volume, l


Weighers accuracy class


Total limit of components weighing per cycle, kg


Lowest limit of one component weighing, kg


Number of cycles per hour (determined by production technology)

до 10

Rated power, kW



Service life, years


* Dosing accuracy depends on weighing device.

Component parts

Micro-ingredients dosing system consists of the following parts: Frame with storage bins block, agrigators and dosing screws; Weighing device with discharge valve; Supports; Control unit with weighing device and frequency inverter*.

* Supplied optionally. Different frequency inverters and weighing devices may be applied.

Structure and Functioning

1. Storage bins block with agrigators is designed for storing and operative use of components during system operation. Block consists of 8-16 independent bins with 165-180 litre volume each. Bins are made of stainless steel. To avoid caking, long-term storage (more than 3 days) is not recommended.

2. Weighing device consists of bin with discharge valve installed on strain-gauge indicators, and is designed for collection of components portion. Bin unloading is provided by discharge valve. It is recommended to dose less crumbling components first to avoid spilling.

3. Frame is represented by welded construction designed for installation of main system units.

4. Dosing screws (8-16 pcs.) are designed for dosing product supply to the weighing device bin. Screws are equipped with gear motors controlled by weighing device and frequency inverter.

Loading of bins and storage bins block is made manually according to the mix formula, taking into account switch-on sequence of dosing screws. Dosing accuracy is achieved due to variation of dosing screws speed in the filling-in mode. Weighing device determines: mix formula, switch-on sequence of dosing screws, setting of the filling-in modes and parameters.