Screw conveyors Sh-KOIL
Screw conveyors Sh-KOIL

Screw conveyors Sh-IL are designed for transportation of sunflower seeds and products of its processing at oil extraction plants, but also may be applied for transportation of loose grain materials and products of their processing. Differ from standard models by reinforced construction and heat resistance.

In 2003, according to technical requirements of JSC "Kirovogradoliya", we developed conveyors with increased requirements for reliability and service life for application at all stages of production starting from inlet product sunflower seeds and ending with oil meal and oil.

Our plant took into account all customers requirements related to the specific of production:

- products bulk density from 0,08 to 0,425 t/m³;

- possibility for transportation of oil and sunflower oil sludge;

- removing of intermediate shafts without dismantling of the whole conveyor.

To do this weve changed the following parameters:

- thickness was increased: trough up to 4mm, blade up to 5mm, shaft tube wall - 6 mm;  

- trough height was increased by 100mm to provide the possibility of operation with 100% load;

- special oil feeders applied for lubrication of intermediate bearings;

- special version made of stainless steel with bronze intermediate bushings was designed for the hot product after heating kettle.

Improved conveyor construction facilitates its operation, maintenance and overhaul. This was achieved by increasing the number of dismountable and interchangeable parts.

From the first customer, from working drawings, addition IL (city Kirovograd + IL) remained in the screw conveyor name.

Screw conveyors ShIL also successfully operate at many other enterprises.


       Parameter title

Parameter value

Sh-IL- 250

Sh-IL- 300


Sh-IL 500

1. Technical capacity for grain transportation γ=0,75 t/m³ and screw fill factor 0,6; t/hour





2. Length, m

On customer order

3. Screw shaft speed, rpm



4. Rated power, kW



5. Drive type: gear motor cylindrical

12-63; 12-80; 12-100; 12-125  

or foreign made analogues

6. Service life, years


  • -300 (KOIL) , 400 +