Formula-feed mini plant is designed for the production of crumbled animal feed in accordance with specified mix formulas, satisfying the needs of all kinds of poultry, pigs and cattle in mineral, nutrient and biological substances. Dosing (up to six components) is carried out by the operator under the control of strain-gauging system with weight indication, light and sound signaling of the each grinding component reached weight.

Formula-feed mini plant is produced in accordance with third category of State Standard GOST-15150, climate version “U” for internal market and export to temperate countries. However, the unit have to work reliably in operating regimes at a temperature from 10 (°С) degrees below zero to 40 (°С) degrees above zero, relative moisture 80% with average annual temperature of 15 (°С) degrees above zero, atmospheric pressure from 650 to 800 mm Hg (86,6÷106,7 kPa).

Formula-feed mini plants can be used on small farms specialized on poultry and cattle breeding. To prepare the required range of animal feed, it is necessary to enrich them with premixes, protein, vitamin and mineral supplements.