Impact huller SHO-3H is applied for oat hulling at oat mills for oat groats produce and its further processing into oat meal (oat flour). The machine is also successfully used for confectionery sunflower varieties to receive kernels and at the plants for farro and spelt hulling.

Oat dehuller SHO-3H is a centrifugal machine of continuous action designed for oat seeds hulling at grain processing enterprises, groats mills, farm enterprises and individual households. The machine also can be applied for buckwheat and sunflower hulling.

Impact huller is produced in accordance with third category of GOST-15150, climate version “U” for internal market and export to temperate countries. However, dehuller have to work reliably in operating regimes at a temperature from 10 (°С) degrees below zero to 40 (°С) degrees above zero, relative moisture 80% with average annual temperature of 15 (°С) degrees above zero, atmospheric pressure from 650 to 800 mm Hg (86,6÷106,7 kPa).


Parameter title
1. Throughput with oat moisture 11-13%,
hulls content 27-30%, t/h,
specific density min. 520 g/l


2. Operational benefit:
2.1. Hulling index, min. % 
2.2. Whole kernels index


3. Rotor speed, rpm  (C-1)


4. Rotor diameter, mm


5. Impact ring diameter, mm


6. Rated capacity,  kW


7. Mains voltage, V


8. Overall dimensions, mm:  


9. Weight, kg (max.)


With increasing of rotor speed dehuller throughput can be increased with saving the characteristics of technological effect. Step-like increasing or reduction of rotor speed can be carried out by the replacement of pulleys on the shaft, stepless – by connection of frequency inverter to electric motor circuit.

Structure and Functioning

Impact huller SHO-3H (fig.2) consists of the following parts: frame 1 made together with outlet funnel and sampling pipe; roof assembly 8 with bearing block installed on it, which holds rotor 3; drive motor; protection construction with inlet nozzle with gate valve and inspection element 5.

Roof assembly 8 is connected to the frame by two fixing bolts 7 and four clamps. During operation fixing bolts 7 must be tightened and secured by locking nut. Impact ring 2 is installed inside the frame on fixing brackets. The ring is centering and fixing by three bolts in the frame walls. Distance between rotor end surface and impact ring is 22-25 mm.

Dehuller operates in accordance with the following technological process: product feedstock by gravity flows through the inlet nozzle 5 to removable bottom 4 of rotating rotor 3 and is distributed over its channels. Under the influence of centrifugal force, grain is accelerated along channels blades and thrown onto the impact ring 2. The result of the impact lies in destruction of oat shells and clearing of kernels. Dehulled product is transferred to the outlet funnel and removed from the machine by gravity.

It is necessary to install gate valve before the inlet nozzle for adjustment of required capacity and ability to stop product supply to the machine quickly.